Ferrari apparently has no plans whatsover to manufacture any four-door sports car like its peers at Porsche and Aston Martin.

Ferrari has no plans at all to produce a four-door model, according to a story published by Autocar. CEO Amedeo Felisa was quoted as saying his company will "never do four doors." Ferrari founder Enzo would apparently not approve of such a car anyway. It just isn't part of the company's long heritage.

Despite its staunch stance on the four-door issue, the supercar maker is readying "greener" hybrid powertrains. Felisa explains by saying hybrids are being produced to satisfy regulation requirements. Four doors are not an eco-friendly requirement and can therefore not be forced upon any company. In 60 years of Ferrari only two-door sports cars have been manufactured.

"If you want a four door Ferrari we have a Maserati," he said. Essentially this means no Panamera, Cayenne or Rapide competitor will be coming out of Maranello. Ever.

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