Take a look at this: paying customers lined the streets of Rome hoping for a chance at a ride in the Giugiaro Quaranta concept taxi. The story inside.

Tourists and residents in Rome, Italy, were taken aback by the Giugiaro Quaranta concept car-come-taxicab which hit the streets for a couple of days last week.  The lucky person who managed to flag this cab would have been sitting in a machine capable of 0-100km/h in 4.2 seconds.

Painted white for its use as a taxi, the Giugiaro Quaranta ushered members of the public across the Italian capital, charging customers the same metered fares as other taxis.  Hopefully, the supercar is as comfortable as it is fast.  Rome is frequently mentioned as one of the worst European cities for drivers.

At least the taxi did not burn as much gas as other supercars.  The Quaranta is built using solar panels and the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive.

More pictures of the car can be seen in a slideshow on the website of Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Gallery: Giugiaro Quaranta concept becomes taxi