Dartz, the insane Russian car builder, will unveil an armored car with golden wheels at Top Marques Abu Dhabi 2010. It's insane, odd, and interesting all at the same time.

Dartz will unveil a golden armored vehicle at Top Marques Abu Dhabi.

While details are limited (the press release is gibberish disguised as English), the car will feature a gold snake skin exterior, golden wheels, and gold-coated armored glass. The car will also come with very special, as Dartz explains, "Seats!!! This time they will be more exclusive than You can imagine. And that won't be anybody's penis. This will be seats which still remember warm of first Russian Presiden Boris Jeltzin ass. This will be seats from Jeltzin's airplane."

If talk of Yeltin's ass hasn't inspired you to drain your retirement account yet, be prepared for the coup de gras. The car comes with a golden gun inspired by the Bond flick The Man with the Golden Gun. Even Roger Moore can't resist that (or a paycheck, apparently).

Dartz to unveil golden armored vehicle at Top Marques Abu Dhabi