Check out these custom liveries for the Audi A1, set to go on sale and on display in Austria next week.

Audi will be bringing seven different Audi A1 "motto vehicles" to the Wörthersee Tour 2010 next week in Reifnitz, Austria.  Along with the A1 models, the company will show off 12 other models at the tuning event dedicated to the VW Group.

The seven different motto vehicles each with special liveries include four versions with the 1.6-liter TDI engine, and three with the 1.4-liter TFSI.  The vehicles all feature different elements from the Audi A1 Competition Kit lineup of packaged accessories.  These include different choices for exterior paint, decals, aerodynamic parts, sports exhaust, and interior furnishings.  They will also put together a Legends package with Amalfi White finish, Begonia Red front spoiler and rear diffuser, and 1980s Audi rally car-inspired trim.

The entire Legends package starts at €575, but for €1,600, customers can buy the entire Competition Kit Aerodynamics, with front spoiler, chrome exhaust, side sills and rear diffuser.  Add €400 for a rear spoiler.

In addition to the A1 Motto units, the company will show two other A1 models, an RS 5, A8, R8 Spyder, TT RS Coupe, TT Roadster, TTS Coupe, and the Audi R8 GT.  All vehicles will be on display in Reifnitz from May 12 to May 15.

Here's a breakdown of the seven Audi A1 "motto vehicles":

  • A1 "competition kit" (Amalfi White), 1.6 TDI
  • A1 "Follow Me" (Citrus Yellow), 1.4 TFSI
  • A1 "Wasserwacht" (Suzuka Gray), 1.4 TFSI
  • A1 "FC Bayern" (Misano Red), 1.6 TDI
  • A1 "Pickerljäger" (Ibis White), 1.6 TDI
  • A1 "Fashion" (Aubergine), 1.6 TDI
  • A1 "Hot Rod" (Daytona Gray), 1.4 TFSI

Wörthersee Tour 2010: Audi A1s receive special designs