Two minutes of Porsche Panamera testing on public roads, caught on video! Four-door Panamera virtually undisguised.

Unless our spy photographer has been snapped up by Porsche and has now crossed over to the other side, this Porsche Panamera video looks like a marketing tool for Porsche ahead of Geneva. Not that they need one; Panamera will probably sell itself anyway. How a hidden guy with a small camera can spot the same car in the same area three different times is abnormal in our business.

Doesn’t matter, have a look for yourself and check out Panamera undisguised, driving on a public road. If you have been on Planet Ignorance for the past year and are wondering what in Porsche’s name Panamera is, I’ll fill you in a bit. This is the rival to high-end performance four-door models from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Panamera is the second four-door Porsche after the Cayenne and hopes to catch buyers that want a “family” Porsche but don’t necessarily like the high ride offered by the Cayenne.

A number of powerful engines will come standard, including the same hybrid that will become available in the Cayenne.

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