Each episode of the web series will be made available on Audi's website every Tuesday until June 8. The series is a suspense thriller which also stars Dania Ramirez and, of course, the Audi A1.

U.S. actor and popstar Justin Timberlake is starring in a new web series produced by Audi to promote the new A1 model.

Six episodes of the mini-series, titled The Next Big Thing, have been produced and will be posted on Audi's U.S. website. The series was directed by Swedish filmmaker Henrik Sundgren and took five days to shoot.

The first two-minute episode was released on May 4 - and is available for viewing here - with each subsequent installment to be released each Tuesday for the next six weeks until the series concludes on June 8.

The web series is a suspense thriller and co-stars Dania Ramirez as Toni with Timberlake playing the character of John Frank, an IT specialist who comes to Toni's aide. Viewers also have the benefit of interactive features on the Audi site to learn more about the backgrounds of the characters and storyline.

Although the A1 features prominently in the series, Audi promises the story will take precedence. "[The] Audi A1 stays in the background with elegant restraint," says the press release.

The series can be viewed at www.audi.com/a1.

Justin Timberlake & Audi A1 star in 6 episode mini-Series [Video]