A new video released from Scosche shows their latest device: a dashboard mount for the Apple iPad. Find out more inside.

Tuning outfit Scosche has developed a new dashboard mounting system for owners of the Apple iPad.  Called the iKit, the first version was developed as part of a series of upgrades for the Subaru Impreza STI.

The iKit is installed at the top of the dash replacing the double DIN stereo unit.  The iPad then connects to a platform that locks into a ball joint that sticks out of the dashboard installation.

It includes an audio and USB jack that connects to the iPad's 30-pin port to charge the iPad while sending the audio through the in-car system.  Perhaps a second-generation version of the kit would allow the audio to be transmitted digitally to the stereo, instead of through the analogue 3.5mm cable jack.

Still, it is a start, and one of what will likely be many iPad car mounts to be produced by aftermarket suppliers.