Find out more about the Prior Design aerokit for the previous generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class inside. Do you think its worth more than €4,500?

German tuners Prior Design have released a new cosmetic package for the previous generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class.  The E-Class W211 can be freshened with the company's full slate of offerings for €4,793.

That price includes a revised front bumper with inset fog lamps, redesigned rear bumper, and freshened side skirts.  Also included are roof- and trunk-mounted spoilers, a €900 stainless-steel quad exhaust, and €1,700 set of wheels.

The grey wheels measure 8.5x20 up front, and 10.5x20 in back, and look well positioned on the car.

Prior Design's pricing is specific to parts made from Duraflex.  For what would likely be considerasbly more money, carbon fiber or carbon-plated parts can also be purchased.

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