Video shows parade of luxury cars with a few clowns in the mix too. The rally runs through Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Montreal andToronto before ending in New York City a week later.

Here is a video of a parade of cars kicking off the 2010 Gumball 3000 Rally from Pall Mall in London. Most are of the expensive, luxury kind. But there are a few clowns in the mix.

The Gumball rally is a quixotic event founded by Maximillion Cooper in 1999. It is not a real race, as the participants must make a 3,000 mile drive on public roads, with each year the rally taking a different route. Organizers like to call it a road trip or adventure but authorities in some countries have not been pleased by the rally's run through their districts. In some cases, drivers have faced heavy fines for excessive speeding and in others, cars have been confiscated. In 2007, the event was called off in mid-run when an accident resulted in two fatalities.

The 2010 Gumball 3000 Rally made its first stop in Amsterdam. It will then go on to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Montreal and Toronto before ending in New York City a week later. We're guessing there is an ocean-going ferry ride involved somewhere in between.