Lotus Sport's homologated Exige Cup 260 road/race car debuts for 2008 with an additional 5 horsepower and Launch Control

Lotus' ultralight track-bred Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260 returns for 2008 with a slight horsepower boost.  The homologated racer is a rolling testament to Lotus' low-weight, high-speed philosophy and is road-legal throughout the European Union.

With a revised engine management system, the Exige Cup 260's supercharged and intercooled four-cylinder now produces 260 PS (257 hp) at 8000 rpm and 236 Nm (174 pound-feet) torque at 6000 rpm.  Variable cam timing keeps the power delivery consistent throughout the rev range.  The Exige Cup 260 also inherits launch control and variable traction control from the racing Lotus 2-Eleven.  The system allows the driver to flat-pedal the accelerator from a standing start while keeping the revs under a set limit, and it also reduces wheelspin until 6 miles per hour when the traction control kicks in.  The traction control's intervention is variable and selectable by the driver.  

Low weight is Lotus' stock in trade of course, and the Exige Cup 260's 928 kg curb weight means it's got a power to weight ration of 271 hp/ton.  Lotus reports a 237 kmh (147 mph) top speed and a 4.1-second 0-100kmh (0-60 mph) run.  To keep the flyweight Exige Cup 260 on the ground, an aerodynamic bodykit pushes the car to the earth with over 40 kg of downforce at high speeds.  

LTS-compound Yokohama A048R tires, four-piston AP Racing front brake calipers, racing seats and a six-point FIA roll cage are all part of the package.  The Exige Cup 260 also gets the same '08 updates as the Elise and Exige, including a new instrument panel and a new alarm/immobilizer.  Pricing has been set at 56,034 euro.

2008 Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260 unveiled