Find out how much you'll have to shell out in the UK for the new range of five-door Giulietta models. The story inside.

When the Alfa Romeo Giulietta goes on sale in the UK, the 1.4-liter petrol version will carry a base price of £13,936.17, excluding taxes and number plates, and other related costs.  Pricing on the five-door climbs as high as £20,170.21 for an optioned out Cloverleaf version with a 1.75-liter TBi petrol.

Pricing on diesel models begins at £14,808.51, climbing as high as £18,723.40.

The car will be sold in three different trim levels, Turismo, Lusso, and Veloce, apart from the Cloverleaf.  While all vehicles will receive air conditioning, electric windows, Q2 limited slip differential, and six airbags, only the Cloverleaf will not receive start/stop.  That model will feature red brake calipers, 18-inch dark alloy wheels, and tinted glass.

The new Giulietta will make its UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.  You can read about the pricing for each of the nine individual models in the press release below.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta prices announced for UK