Check out this excellent video of the Ferrari 599XX as it races around the Nurburgring. Find out what production car is faster, inside.

Ferrari has claimed that the Ferrari 599XX completed the 20.832-kilometer Nordschleife circuit at the Nürburgring in 6m 58.16 s.  Ferrari claims this is the first time that a "production-derived sports car" has broken the seven-minute barrier.

This is not really true, as the Radical SR8 had a confirmed time of 6m 55s in September 2005, followed up by the Radical SR8LM last year, which finished in 6m 48s.  Naturally, Ferrari will dispute that the Radical is not a "production-derived sports car."

Still, the time posted by the made-for-the-track 599XX is an accomplishment.  We hope the exhilarating drive quality translates over to the road-ready Ferrari 599 GTO.