The Bentley Mulsanne goes through 2,000 different checks as it slowly progresses through assembly. Check out a video of the vehicle's production inside.

Bentley has released another edition in a string of videos showing the production stages of the Bentley Mulsanne.  In this 5m 34s clip, Mulsanne Project Director Ashley Wickham takes us through the assembly line at the plant, six weeks into vehicle production.

"Each car is individual," Wickham says.  "You can see from the layout, from the point of view of interior and exterior colors, the amount of variation we can get out of this build stage."  Indeed, over 100 exterior colors are available on the car.

It takes 98 team members to build the Mulsanne, and precision is the element most stressed.  Each car goes through diagnostic testing at various points of the stages to make sure the vehicles are perfectly assembled.  By the end of assembly, every unit goes through 2,000 various checks to make sure the car was properly made.

The 98-strong team of Bentley manufacturing specialists responsible for bringing together the painted body, hand crafted leather hides and wood veneers, the 6 ¾ litre V8 engine and myriad electrical components, employ skills passed down through generations of Crewe car makers.

"Working on the Mulsanne requires an array of skills that goes well beyond just the accurate fitment of the parts," says manager Gary Webster in a press release.  "The way you move around the exterior and interior of the Mulsanne is critical because materials like the highly-polished brightware, veneers and leather need such careful handling."