Find out more about the new Seoul Advanced Design Studio, recently opened by GM. What do they hope to accomplish? Find out inside.

While Korean automakers tap designers in the United States for help creating unique cars, one American automaker is choosing to go the opposite direction.  GM has just opened up the Seoul Advanced Design Studio in the Gangnam neighborhood of the South Korean capital.

Currently serving as the 2010 World Design Capital, Seoul will also serve as the location for the GM Daewoo Design Center.  It is not surprising that GM would choose to expand concept work in the Asian country.

"Our award-winning Korean designers were responsible for the Chevrolet Cruze, Spark and yet to be launched Aveo," said GM Daewoo chief Mike Arcamone.  "Seoul Advanced Design Studio demonstrates GM's support of GM Daewoo, and in turn, our support for Seoul's year long initiative aimed at capitalizing on its World Design Capital status."

Thirty designers will be employed at the Seoul facility.  The automaker says their specialties lie in colors, digital design, electronics, materials, and small vehicles.

GM opens design studio in South Korea - releases first futuristic designs