Find out when the Audi RS5 will appear on North American shores, and what the cost will be, inside.

Audi fans in North America have a reason to rejoice, as the German automaker plans to sell the Audi RS5 in the U.S. and Canada.  The car will be sold in Europe beginning in June, with North American deliveries set to begin by the end of September 2011, a Quattro GmbH source told Inside Line.

Based on RS5 pricing of €65,300 in Germany showing about 32.5% over the Audi S5 retail price Inside Line estimates US pricing could be at $69,000, when looking at the MSRP for the S5.

However, look for North American pricing to be more on the high side.  The RS5 is not expected to sell well in the U.S., so the company may only bring cars over with a large amount of optional equipment.  Inside Line reports this could include "the rear-axle sport differential, Dynamic Ride Control software upgrades, and possibly the chromed thundering Boysen sport exhaust."

With the equipment, Inside Line predicts a pre-tax price point of about $75k.  Taking inflation and other financial concerns into account, we could see this figure easily over $78k.

Audi RS5 confirmed for U.S.