New navigation aide provides drivers with the most fuel-efficient route and coaching them on fuel-saving techniques. MyFord Touch will be available this summer in the 2011 Ford Edge and globally in the 2012 Focus model.

Ford has unveiled its latest fuel saving technology in the form of a navigation system aide which helps drivers find the most fuel-efficient route and drive as economically as possible.

The MyFord Touch system is an integrated navigation and on-board computer function which can calculate routes based on three criteria - fastest, shortest or Eco-Route. The Eco-Route function lays out the most fuel-efficient path to a driver's destination.

The new system also provides sophisticated data feedback on the car's fuel consumption that can "coach" drivers to maximize efficiency by pointing them towards the most economical driving techniques.

"We have learned that when we provide drivers the information and tools in an interactive and entertaining way, they want to drive more fuel efficiently," said Ford's Jim Buczkowski, who heads the automaker's Global Electrical and Electronics Systems Engineering unit.

MyFord Touch will be introduced in the 2011 Ford Edge this summer. It will also be available on the 2012 Focus globally and will be standard equipment in Ford's Lincoln brand (as MyLincoln Touch) starting with the 2011 MKX.


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