Australia in special PS3 treat as the Melbourne Motor Show plans to reveal Gran Turismo 5, the latest "racing simulation" game.

PS3 fans, meaning anyone who lives in a palace and can afford to splash out on these machines, there’s a great treat for you waiting in Australia. At the Melbourne Motor Show, which kicks off February 29, a preview of the ever-green game Gran Turismo 5 will take place as an event.

The preview will have happened three weeks before the official launch of the game, thus giving attendees the opportunity of bragging to their friends about how cool (most likely scenario) and realistic the game is. You can probably see for yourself from the screenshots we’ve presented.

Heroes of the GT series are not, contrary to popular belief, us nerdish types who play these things until the neighbours complain of the smell from old pizza boxes. No, the heroes here are the cars, more than 60 to choose from this time around. Lucky guys will be able to even touch some of these featured vehicles at the show. Tracks included are Eiger Nordwand and Suzuka.

So if you are in Ausie during the show, better pop in and check out the GT5 stand and you could win yourself an AUD4,900 package that includes a Sony BRAVIA 40-inch LCD TV, a 40GB PS3 console, Logitech G25 racing wheel and the GT5 Prologue game.

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