Australian massive hypercar E-Vade has Melbourne in its sights for its very first public appearance. Attend the show or keep your eyes on this site for more.

WCF reported on the E-Vade previously, with a drip of drool and a glint of excitement in our eyes. Finally the Melbourne Motor Show will reveal the finished product to the public, and these are the first pictures for yours and our own pleasure.

A bit of performance testing at VACC Park in Port Melbourne has been underway to make sure the car’s go matches its look. While many have compared the concept to something akin to an Ariel Atom or similar, the E-Vade is still heavy, thanks to, in no small part, to its V6 engine.

Both versions that have been produced will be on display at the show. Designer and builder David Walter took one of the cars to a dockyard in Williamstown where his ship is docked.

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