The SAIC Ye Zi concept has a roof shaped like a leaf because it's supposed to turn bad gases into oxygen. It debuts at the Beijing Auto Show in just over a week.

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) has released pictures and details regarding its Ye Zi concept, a few days before its Beijing Auto Show public debut. Meaning "leaf" the Ye Zi supposedly gathers energy from the surrounding environment the same way a real leaf does. Plus it is shaped like one too.

SAIC says the car is not a zero-emissions vehicle but actually a negative emissions vehicle. Photovoltaic units make up the roof, but are so sparsely distributed that they probably will not achieve much. There are also wind turbines on the wheels which, if facing the right direction, might be able to produce some energy.

The body itself is made from metal-organic framework (MOF) which aims to absorb carbon dioxide and water to generate an electric current and oxygen, just like photosynthesis.


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