smart introduces as art book alongside the U.S. launch of the fortwo

The smart car company has been doing its part globally to reduce energy consumption and emissions now for over a decade.  As well, its diminutive vehicles have made the task of urban driving downright enjoyable and parking a breeze.  Smart entered the Canadian market a few years ago after many years in Europe and is now tackling the U.S. market with an updated version of its fortwo.  

Looking to capitalize on the newfound green conscience in the U.S., smart will be launching an art book called “sideways. a smart art project” along side its New York launch of the new fortwo at the Javits Center on March 19.  The publication contains a collection of “photography, illustration, graphic design, painting, sculpture, architecture, styling, hairstyling and make-up” in an effort to promote ecological thinking.  The book looks like it contains the same level of fun and vitality as smart’s cars themselves.

As the Head of Marketing and Sales, Anders Sundt Jensen states “sideways looks at the issue of ecology in a new creative context, and it should therefore generate some interesting new takes on the topic. And this is a key motivation behind the approach of smart itself”.

As a spin-off from sideways, there will be a worldwide marketing campaign tying eco-friendliness to style and functionality, two other hallmarks of the smart brand.

Smart Art Book to Emphasize Greener Urban Transportation