Now more "inspired by" than a "copy of," the Geely GE got significant changes. Find out more, and see the pics, inside.


Chinese automaker Geely has redesigned the saloon accused of being a direct knock-off of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.  The Geely GE limo will be unveiled with a new look at the 2010 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

Changes to the Chinese car's now curved front end begin with a brand new grille that is no longer linear, but rather rounded and with arched vertical bars.  Headlights are no longer square, but thin, slanted and rectangular, with a strip of LED daytime lights underneath.  The strip of indicator lights was moved to the lower bumper where circular fog lights had been.  Also different is the hood ornament, which had been a blatant attempt at copying the Rolls-Royce icon, "Spirit of Ecstasy."

Interior changes include the use of two individual seats, replacing the Popemobile-esque single seat configuration that had been used.  Controls and cup holders are set within the arm rest between the two seats.  New door inserts appear to have less storage space than before.

We should find out more about the Geely GE when the production model is debuted in Beijing on April 23.


Geely's Rolls Royce Clone Gets Major Facelift