Jaguar's new XF currently has over 10,000 deposits on the books including 3,000 from the United States alone.

While the pending sale of Jaguar might have taken some of the attention away from their newest models, it appears the company has hit the sweet spot with the XF. Currently 10,000 deposits have been placed globally with 3,000 from the United States alone. Not bad considering Jaguar has yet to start an advertising campaign or make models available for consumer test drives.

Instead Jaguar used a 21-city road show to train whole dealerships at a time about the new XF. The dealers would then host posh events to show the Jaguar XF to loyal customers and individuals in the market for a luxury vehicle. One Miami dealership has already sold 80 orders in the course of two such events, while Detroit area Jaguar dealers have managed to sell 50.

The Jaguar XF will officially go on sale March 10 in North America, Europe, and the UK.

Jaguar XF Receives 10,000 Deposits Globally