Are the Mini Cooper Bully and Cooper Bully Moscow models you would want to buy? Possibly not. Find out more inside.

A Russian artist Denis Simachev and a team of engineers from Russian tuner Topcar have attacked the MINI Cooper S to create two different versions of the car seen here.

Set to a production of 25 units each, the vehicles are equipped with a new "Bully" aerokit from Topcar, which includes a new set of 18-inch forged wheels.  An aluminum sport grille replaces the original, while designers use daytime runners, and a new rear diffuser.  Side skirts are added, along with flared wheel arches.  The exhaust and the engine control unit are both upgraded, as well as the brakes, which are stepped up to Brembo units.

Simachev then created his own exterior design for the demonstration model.  However, the graphics will likely be more tailored to each car buyer.  A press release says that, "Each car will get its own distinctive character in order to provide the wide range of choice for different cities, personalities and ways of living."

In the first model, called the MINI Cooper Bully by Simachev, the car features a heap of glossy black, and pearl white, along with a carbon fiber interior trim.  Simachev says the the car is really intended for the nouveau riche.  "[The owner] likes socializing and is desperate to attend fashionable gatherings and parties. A real ‘party animal', he is just fooling around and looking for an adventure," a press release quoted Simachev as saying.

Meanwhile, the MINI Cooper Bully Moscow, by Simachev, uses blues and blacks, but changes color when the angle of light changes.  Inside, the "Khokhloma ornament" paint scheme is replicated on the interior.

The MINI Cooper Bully will debut at Top Marques Monaco on April 15, with the Bully Moscow getting an April 17 unveiling at Simachev's Shop and Bar in Moscow.  Pricing was not detailed for either vehicle.



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