BMW is working on a hydrogen hybrid drivetrain, which could enter production in 2014.

While details are limited, the drivetrain consists of a petrol engine, a 5 kW (7 PS / 7 hp) fuel cell, and an 82 kW (111 PS / 110 hp) electric motor. At low speeds, the hydrogen fuel cell provides power to the electric motor which turns the rear wheels. When more speed is required, the petrol engine motivates the front wheels. More importantly, the two powertrains can work together to provide rapid acceleration.

Currently being tested on a modified 1-Series (pictured), the hybrid fuel cell could be introduced on the next-generation MINI and the controversial front-wheel drive BMW. So far, the company has declined to green light production as they're waiting to see if hydrogen fuel pumps will become more accessible to consumers.

See press release below for more details.

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