Two separate gas pedal defects may lead to second fine. Toyota has been fined a record 16.4 million dollars for failing to declare problems with stuck accelerators to US federal authorities.

Toyota is now facing the prospect of a second fine by US government regulators over faulty gas pedals.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has already issued a record 16.4 million dollar fine against Toyota for failing to declare a gas pedal defect to authorities and not issuing a recall until four months after they learned of the problem.

Now, according to the NHTSA, Toyota actually found two separate defects in its gas pedals, both of which were kept from authorities. In the same letter issued to Toyota on April 5 informing them of the initial fine, the NHTSA warned the Japanese automaker that a second fine may be levied for the other defect.

Toyota has already recalled about 8 million vehicles worldwide related to problems with stuck accelerators.

The company has until April 19 to contest the fine in US courts.


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