Mustang GT car has different lights, among other things. Giugiaro concept’s strong influences to be seen in the final shape slated for 2009 as a 2010 model.

In 2009 Ford will present a new Mustang. Another one. The car will look like the ones pictured in this story, except it will lose all that black camouflage in favour of something metallic, with sparkling colours like yellow, red, white and blue. That Giugiaro concept Mustang we first saw at the 2006 LA Auto Show will have a great deal of say in how things shape up here.

Spied winter testing in snowy conditions, the version seen here is the GT model. No, we didn’t get that from the passing blue train with “GT” on it. That it’s a Mustang is clear not only by the taillights, but from the steering wheel too; Ford ought not to release test mules from the garage bearing the vehicles’ badge on them. Just for next time.

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