Audi bests Mercedes in quarterly sales for the first time ever... and it was no small margin. Find out more inside.

Audi managed to sell 15,600 more cars than Mercedes-Benz for the first three months of 2010, according to Automotive News Europe.  The periodical states that this is the first time Audi has bested Daimler's main brand in quarterly new vehicle sales in history.

BMW has not yet reported their first quarter sales.  Audi sold 264,100 vehicles, while Mercedes recorded 248,500 sales from January to March 2010.

For Audi, the claim comes with a jump in sales of 25.9% over the first quarter in 2009, and allows Audi to continue pushing forward with an ambitious plan.  As we reported in November, the Volkswagen-owned brand is spending €7.3 billion to bring eight new models to the public by 2015.

Audi executives have previously stated that their target is 1.5 million annual new vehicle sales by the end of 2016.

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