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It started when a Nissan R35 GTR owner in New England wanted to make the 1725 kg (3800 lbs) car more track-friendly. So the car was sent to Ohio tuner Switzer Performance who had decided to take on the challenge.

Tym Switzer and his team took the Super Silver 2010 GTR and added their own components, which included new intercoolers, intakes and turbochargers and boosted the car's power rating to 800 hp (597 kW) and 948 Nm (700 lb-ft) of torque.

Also added for improved performance were an adjustable JRZ suspension system, tighter adjustable sway-bars, a diffuser for the undercarriage and an active wing provided by Aeromotions.

To reduce weight Switzer fitted the R35 GTR with AP carbon rotors, a lighter ceramic-coated titanium exhaust system, a dry-carbon deck-lid, and lightweight Bride sports seats - lightening the car by 90 kg (200 lbs).

Switzer said the client wanted a car that both he and his wife could drive on public roads and go out to dinner with while still making excellent times on the track. Switzer's P800 upgrading package is now available for everyone via its network of dealers.


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