Mercedes factory accessory line for the 2008 SLK includes chrome kits, roof racks and iPod or Bluetooth connectivity.

Mercedes recently released its accessory line for the 2008 SLK.  With the freshly updated SLK just out of the box, Mercedes is already making sure that owners can personalize the little roadster to meet every need.  As in the past, a range of dealer-installed accessories is available, from ski racks to upgraded infotainment systems.  Some of the SLK's factory-installed parts are well-timed, addressing options-list oversights  and keeping the SLK competitive.

Styling comes first, of course, with Incenio wheels and chrome kits for the grille trim, bumper and mirrors.  The wheels include Korsunia, a five triple-spoke 18-inch design, and the 17-inch Kikuchi with five dual spokes.  Both wheels are staggered front to rear.  

Active lifestyles aren't the sole province of sport-utility vehicle owners, of course, so Mercedes has developed a line of roof-top carriers for the new SLK.  Similar to past cargo racks, the Alustyle carriers attach to the SLK's A-pillar and rear deck, and can be outfitted to haul skis, bicycles, snowboards or aerodynamic cargo boxes up top.  Thus outfitted, the SLK can carry up to six pairs of skis, four snowboards or three bicycles.  

For the interior, Mercedes offers a limited edition three-piece windblocker set with a polycarbonate center section.  The set reduces drafts and wind noise at high speeds, comes with its own nylon storage bag, and is curiously limited to a production run of 1,171.  Illuminated stainless steel door sill panels are also available.

There's not much hope for a luxury car that doesn't offer Bluetooth or MP3 player connectivity.  To upgrade the SLK's infotainment systems, Mercedes now offers a Bluetooth unit for the phone module that will wirelessly connect with compatible phones.  It's integrated through the SLK's steering wheel controls and instrument panel display.  A Media Interface kit allows portable MP3 players to be connected via USB or the auxiliary output, and there's an iPod-specific jack available that connects your 'Pod to the car's audio controls as well.

2008 Mercedes SLK Accessory Lineup Announced