Volvo's 15 millionth vehicle, a C70 convertible, is scheduled to roll off the Uddevalla assembly line on February 20.

In 1927, the year that Ford's fifteen-millionth Model T was produced, the first Volvo ÖV4 was built.  On February 20th, Volvo will finally catch up to the Tin Lizzie's record when a C70 becomes the fifteen-millionth Volvo to roll off of the line.  

The Swedish company started small, selling only 297 cars that first year.  Production numbers have gone up over the years--it took the company twenty-three years to produces its first 100,000 cars, and these days it'll build that many in about three months--but the "iron symbol" that graced the first ÖV4's radiator grille still decorates modern Volvos and the company's reputation for safety and reliability continues to attract a cadre of loyal customers.

Volvo's contributions to the industry include the three-point seatbelt, introduced on Volvo production cars in 1959, and the three-way catalytic converter in the mid-1970s.  The iconic Volvo 240 sedan is still a common sight on U.S. and European roads fifteen years after production ended.

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