Jaguar will launch their new 2009 XJ Portfolio at Geneva early next month, and the four-door should get luxury car lovers salivating just a bit.  Like its XJR Portfolio legacy the saloon has all the features you would expect on a car in this class.

The XJ Portfolio comes with a 4.2 liter normally-aspirated V8, but you can up the ante and tack-on the optional supercharger.  This boosts power to 400 horsepower, while the Dynamic Stability Control, Computer Active Technology Suspension, and "self-leveling air suspension" systems will keep the cabin nice and cozy no matter how fast you hit that pothole near the entrance to the yacht club.

Aluminum construction makes this car lighter and more durable.  Owners can have the car painted in Celestial Black or Astral Gold, but with 20-inch Selena alloys, milled aluminum side vents, and chrome side mirrors, the Gold tone might make your car look more fitting around Mr. T's neck than on the road.

Inside, you can have the car decked out in either a Navy interior with champagne piping, or an Ivory interior with navy piping.  Navy carpets come standard either way.  Oak veneer helps give the interior some definition, heated-and-cooled seats and a dual-zone climate control system keep the passengers cozy, and a premium sound system lets you blast Bach louder than an orchestra.

The 2009 Jaguar XJ Portfolio is currently available for order, a full two weeks ahead of its formal debut.

2009 Jaguar XJ Portfolio To Debut At Geneva