The Infiniti in-car hunger buster is now available to every hungry driver who did not have a fool breakfast on April 1.

Infiniti has added something more enticing on its menu of driver comforts. The premium automaker has developed something called Gastronomi, a possible option for the new Infiniti M performance sedan. What the system does is to monitor the driver for possible hunger pangs through tummy rumbles and weight supervision.

Should the driver be found to be hungry, a knife and fork pop up on a screen and suggestions of near-by restaurants appear. Telephone numbers of suitable diners are displayed and can be dialled through the Bluetooth system, thus saving driver from further use of much-needed energy.

Additionally the car will have learnt and stored the driver's real weight in its information system, thanks to sensors on the front seat. If the Fitness application decides he/ she is not hungry enough then no action will be taken in this regard.

Infiniti deliberately launched Gastronomi on April 1 to remind every driver about the importance of a fool breakfast before any journey.

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