Check out these pics of the six off-road tuned vehicles from Jeep and Ram at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari this weekend.

Chrysler used the beautiful setting of Moab, Utah, as the backdrop for the unveiling of several tuned vehicles from the Jeep and Ram Truck line.  The models were tuned by Chrysler parts outfit Mopar, and are being shown off at the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari this weekend.

The "Moparized" vehicles (Chrysler's words, not ours) is meant to show consumers the less-common parts available in the Mopar catalogue, as well as parts that might become available.  The six concepts shown off in Moab bring the total of Mopar-designed customs to 20 since 2002.

"Moab is a proving ground for us to test our vehicles on extreme trails alongside our customers," said Jeep Design Studio head Mark Allen.  "We will take all of the feedback we get from our customers right back to the design studio with us."

Of the six concepts, five are Jeeps.  They include the military-inspired Jeep Wrangler J7 with large tires and high clearance, the bright orange Jeep Patriot Extreme off-roader, the V6-powered Jeep Wrangler Trail Boss off-road vehicle with leather, the turbodiesel Jeep Nukizer 715 military machine with upgraded drivetrain, carbon fiber and pickup box, and The General.

The General is based on a 2009 Jeep Wrangler with a 4.5-inch lift kit, big off-road bumpers, rock rails, and more.  Also on the scene is the 5.7-liter V8 Ram PowerWagon full-size pickup with a 120-inch wheelbase, 40-inch tires, and four-inch suspension lift.

You can read more about the Moparized vehicles in the press release below.

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