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The accolades gushed on Fiat for its new Fiat 500 are about to get gushier, when the company unveils the Fiat 500 Aria Concept at the Geneva Motor Show.  This new concept is supposed to be even more environmentally friendly than the car it is based on, with a few innovations that might actually make it to the showroom.

Already with fitted with only Euro5 approved engines, the new concept has an engine producing less than a 100 g/km record value of CO2 emissions.  This improvement is thanks to the 1.3 liter, 16valve multijet diesel engine fitted with an anti-particulate filter, and robotic Dualogic shift.  The engine can be temporarily shut down in start-and-stop traffic, which also helps to reduce urban fuel consumption by 10%.

More conceptual engineering can be seen on the inside, where the interior of the prototype is mainly crafted from recycled material.  Rubber from used tires makes up the floor, Matamata recycled leather lines the seats, with ecologically-friendly production methods used to make the polyester fabric inside.

Some neat ideas here, but we're waiting for an aluminum body made from used Coke cans.

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