Wacky dragon stickers, red highlighted alloys are just some of the new features of Kia's concept for Geneva and that is just the rear!

Kia’s metamorphosis into a funky, quality car producer continues with the SOUL concept. To be shown at Geneva in March, Kia will debut not one but three versions of its new SOUL.

The SOUL concepts give an indication of an upcoming production model which essential is very Nissan Qashqai/Dualis esque. So think upright and roomy with the possibility of a 4X4 system to give it moderate off-road capability.

The SOUL Burner is the concept pictured here and is considered to be the ‘bad boy’ of the concept trio with a mean satin black finish, stylish red highlighted alloys and weird glossy dragon stickers.

The theory behind the SOUL concepts is that Kia is trying to introduce ‘a world of possibilities’ for customising future Kia products. Kia are trying to position themselves as a youthful, young-at-heart brand in which it hopes will attract a raft of cash laden customers keen to buy and customise their Kia’s. The recent Cee’d hatchback was a huge improvement over Kia’s of old so anything new from Kia should now be taken seriously, however I’m not sure on the glossy dragon stickers.

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