Volvo's North American operations will no longer sell the V70 station wagon in that region, thanks to disappointing sales figures.

Volvo will no longer sell the V70 wagon in North America. A leaked document outlines some of Sweden's plans regarding a number of models, including the V70.

Starting in 2011, the V70 disappears from US and Canadian shopping lists after almost 12 years, in favour of a FWD XC70. The XC70 chalked up a total of 5,824 units in US sales for 2009.

Comparatively America does not feature in the top five V70-buying countries. Swedes bought more V70s in 2009 than anyone else, clocking 20,462 units, followed by the UK at 4,707 and Germany with 4,216. More details regarding the 2011 FWD XC70 will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, the 2011 MY S40 and V50 will now only be offered with a single T5 engine in the US. It produces 227 PS (167 kW / 224 bhp) and 236 lb-ft (320 Nm) of torque. Average fuel consumption is rated at 30 mpg highway and 21 mpg city. The T5 models will only be FWD and run on an automatic transmission.

Lastly some news on the S80. Volvo's flagship sedan drops the V8 engine for a powerful T6 motor making 300 PS (221 kW / 296 bhp) and 325 lb-ft (441 Nm) of torque. The XC90 SUV will still be offered with the V8 option though.


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