The struggle during the holidays is all too real.

You know it’s coming.

Crowded stores, busy malls, long lines, short tempers. Yes, the 2017 holiday season is nearly upon us, and there isn’t a single person who can’t relate to Audi’s hilarious new commercial in at least some fashion. Granted, jumping between parking garages isn’t exactly real-life (at least we hope it isn’t), but as motoring fans among the ranks of holiday shoppers, we all know simply getting to the action can be a frustrating – and yes, sometimes exhilarating – challenge.

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That’s partly what makes Audi’s new holiday campaign so freaking amusing. Behind the exaggerated actions of these two daring dads lies not just a smidgen of truth, but an entire universe of reality that we've all experienced at some point. What makes this bit even better is that it starts out completely normal – it would’ve been easy to stitch together a bunch of hard-driving action scenes from the get-go, but instead both drivers calmly but nervously navigate the car park. At first, anyway.

From there, we get all the proper steps required to build a properly massive rage bomb necessary for extreme action. There’s the fake-out – the person loading a car with no intention of leaving. Following that is the old guy aimlessly searching for his car. There’s the douchebag parking job that encroaches into a second space just enough to make it unusable. And yes, there’s even the moment of temptation where we think about nabbing the empty handicap space.

Audi Holiday Campaign

Through it all we get to see an Audi RS3 and RS7 making short work of the car park’s twists and turns, done on a closed course by professional drivers of course. As entertaining as this video is, we still want to remind everyone to keep cool behind the wheel. It’s bad enough to hit a parked car in a mad dash for a parking spot, but people – and especially kids – will be running all over the place for the next couple months. You'll never even see them if you're driving at warp speed, never mind stopping in time to prevent a catastrophe.

Here’s hoping Audi has some more funny videos in store for its holiday campaign. As things get tense, the comic relief will certainly be welcome.

Source: Audi via YouTube

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