Ford has begun building new Focus at its St Petersburg, Russia, plant.Orders of the car are said to have reached 20,000 units already.

Ford is going east in search of better fortunes for its business. To this end, a new production plant has opened its manufacturing line in St Petersburg, Russia, where already over 20,000 orders of the new Focus have been received.

All body styles of the new vehicle will be assembled, meaning the 3, 4, 5-door styles as well as the wagon. Five engines will roll of the assembly line, with both automatic and manual transmissions to accompany them. Jim Tetreault, vice-president of manufacturing, Ford Europe, says he was quite pleased with the setup at St Petersburg, praising the quality of product to come out of there.

Focus is not new to the Russian market, having gone on sale there in its first incarnation back in 1999.

Ford Focus Production Commences in Russia