BMW will provide six-cylinder diesel engines as well as automatic transmissions and the cooling and exhaust systems.

BMW will be supplying diesel engines to US police car maker Carbon Motors.

Carbon Motors Corp. is a US manufacturer which exclusively builds law enforcement vehicles for police departments and government agencies in the United States. Carbon Motors has now opted to equip its vehicles with diesel engines to help reduce the CO2 emissions of law enforcement vehicles and make its product more lucrative to prospective buyers.

BMW will be supplying Carbon Motors with (inline) six-cylinder diesel engines as well as the the entire cooling and exhaust systems for the motor. The deal also includes BMW supplying the automatic transmissions to mate to the diesel powerplants.

Ian Robertson, director of Sales and Marketing at BMW AG, said that around 13,000 or 14,000 orders had already been placed for police cars for which BMW will be supplying the powertrain. Robertson said BMW will be providing the most advanced diesel technology in the world to Carbon Motors, including BMW EfficientDynamics technology which has become standard in all BMW models and improves the fuel efficiency of its vehicles.


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