Alfa GT Blackline III 1.9 JTDM confirms aggression in styling, matching that with a better drive through Q2 limited-slip differential system.

Alfa Romeo’s new GT Blackline III is interested in making new friends where activities such as great handling and fuel economy are not enemies. In addition, Alfa hopes those with a sense of style as well, will appreciate its new creation which will be on the frontlines at Geneva when Alfa drops the curtain near their stand. The GT has always had the “wow” factor, even in standard form, but this one takes it to the next level with visible changes all round.

Powered by an oil-burner of some 1.9-litre, badged JTDM, the model delivers a good 125kW and torque numbers counting some 330Nm. Blackline III has a sportier interior than normal, with aluminium on the pedals, some black tones to fit the name etc. New too is the Q2 system which uses the Torsen self-locking method to offer a better drive handling-experience on pretty much any type of road, while at the same time maximising the advantages of front-wheel-drive. Coupled with the Sport button it makes for an outstanding drive.

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