The Taurus X is being taken out of production in the next 2 yrs to make way for its bigger Ford Flex replacement

The Ford Taurus X is going to be canned by the 2009 MY. The North America only mid-size 7 seater Crossover vehicle is positioned above Ford’s funky 5 seater Edge. The Taurus X is essentially a renamed and restyled Ford Freestyle. The rename came after new Ford CEO Alan Mullaly expressed concern with Ford’s naming convention that dictated all Ford vehicles were badged with a word beginning with “F”. The Taurus X was not the only Ford model to get renamed, the Ford Five Hundred became the Ford Taurus and the Mercury Montego transformed into the Mercury Sable. All very confusing.

It may be possible that Ford is making way for it's new Ford Flex MPV which is also a 7 seater. The Flex will be slightly larger than the Taurus X and they may feel that there is no room for the Taurus X with the Edge and Flex covering all corners. It is a fair call and will help Ford streamline the product line-up, reduce costs and cut down on production facilities. Alan Mullaly is pulling no punches, if returning Ford North America back to profitability means he has to cut and chop the product line-up then so be it.

End of the Ford Taurus X?