Spies in Germany caught photos of the Lexus LFA race car as it was being prepped at a Nürburgring paddock.  The Japanese automaker is testing the car before its use in the 24 Hours Nürburgring race being held in May.

Two different LFAs will be brought to that race.  The new photos show the car in great detail, from its massive mechanics underneath the hood, to the large rear diffuser blades that look capable of slicing through the mechanics working below.  Differences on the race vehicle also include new panels, wider stance, and larger air intakes.

These spy pics are in addition to the official photos that were distributed last week.  Fans of the car hope the finished Lexus LFA, and its 552-horsepower (412-kW / 560-PS) V10 engine, will outperform earlier versions of the car.

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