Tuner comes up with artificial whale skin vinyl for interior finish as substitute for the real thing. The finish will feature a "Save the Whales" logo, just to make the message clear.

Last November, Russian tuner Dartz caused quite a stir when they announced they would be finishing the interior of the Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition SUV with whale penis leather. Yes, that's right, leather made out of the hide from a whale penis.

But after a campaign by animal-rights activist Pamela Anderson and Greenpeace, the company had to junk its plans. Now, they have come up with an artificial substitute.

Dartz is back with a Porsche 911 fitted with whale skin vinyl - an artificial material made to replicate the feel of whale skin. The new vinyl finish will also feature a "save the whales" logo, to be sure that the interior comes with the right message.

Customers can order the whale skin vinyl finish through Dartz's French branch Dartz France (www.dartz.fr).

Dartz also promises the newly revised (whale skin-free) Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition will be debuting at the Top Marques Monaco 2010 event which takes place next month (April 15-18).


Russian tuner Dartz drops whale penis leather, wraps Porsche 911 with whale skin vinyl