Bentley and Naim Audio pairing up to create "world's best" auto sound system, including 1100-watt amplifier and 8-channel DSP

It's obvious that a world-class, ultra-luxury vehicle has to have a world-class, highly sophisticated sound system to go with it.  Bentley is keeping its staunchly British identity (German ownership notwithstanding) by announcing a partnership with Salisbury-based Naim Audio to develop an all-new in-car sound system for Bentley's cars.  Naim is a manufacturer of high-end, hand-built amplifiers for home audio systems and could be considered the Bentley of the audio industry, making the pairing a logical one.

With the goal of "as-live" sound quality in future Bentleys, the "Naim for Bentley" sound systems feature a 1100 watt amplifier and up to fifteen specially developed speakers,  The monster amp is the most powerful ever installed in a production car.  The system has been tailored by Naim's home-audio experts to each Bentley model, and purports to offer the closest thing to a home hi-fi system on wheels.  Eight-mode digital signal processing (DSP) can be fine-tuned for digital media playback from MP3 players as well as other sources. 

The system will be available on all of Bentley's vehicles.

Bentley Partners with British Audio Manufacturer Naim