The Grand Tour has posted up a new Season 2 promo vid to its YouTube channel, opening with Clarkson, Hammond, and May talking about the sticky subject of celebrities. We’re all familiar with Celebrity Brain Crash, the mostly-liked gag in the show’s first season where A-list celebs would make cameo appearances outside the tent/studio before facing a gratuitous death. Due to alleged legal reasons with the BBC, The Grand Tour wasn’t allowed to have a celebrity interview segment because it would’ve been too similar to the trio’s old show, Top Gear. As if three middle-aged men driving cars and goofing around wasn’t already similar, but we digress.


Now, it appears Celebrity Brain Crash has been dropped from second season. At least, that’s what Clarkson says in the beginning of the video. After a short discussion, his solution is to cut a front-wheel drive Alfa Romeo in half, because that’s what Clarkson does. It would seem, then, that the plan is to have guests on the show drive the half-Romeo around a track. Because that won’t lead to certain death, either.

The Grand Tour Season 2 Promo
The Grand Tour Season 2 Promo

Jokes aside, it does appear that Celebrity Brain Crash has been killed (pun totally intended) and will be replaced with a proper segment involving guests on the show. Whether that actually includes driving this cut-up Alfa remains to be seen – in the video’s comments section The Grand Tour says “no viewers, it's not coming on”. That could mean the crazy car, or it could be another reference to the old bit being axed.

In any case, there are certainly some major changes coming for the popular program. Just last week we learned that “The American” was dropped, and of course everyone knows the mobile studio has been permanently set up in England. Putting the pieces together, it certainly sounds like the new season could be ramping up for a return to familiar territory, with guest interviews and lap times around a track. Such things would pretty much require a fixed location.

We’ll know soon enough. The Grand Tour’s second season is slated to begin December 8 on Amazon Prime. That is, provided the hosts don’t get sick or injured between now and then.

Source: The Grand Tour via YouTube


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