Netherlands-based Ugur Sahin Design introduces limited-production redesigned Corvette Z03 based on Corvette Z06

Any time a hot car hits the streets, it's only a matter of time before creative designers and engineers follow up with hotter versions, and the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is no exception.  Callaway is the usual suspect when it comes to hot-rodded Vettes, but a Netherlands-based company called Ugur Sahin Design is responsible for this massaged Z06.  

To be specific, the Corvette Z03 Concept isn't so much a modified Corvette as a 'Vette-based supercar.  Every body panel has been redesigned in carbon-fiber, and a range of engine upgrades will be offered when the Z03 goes into limited production later this year.  100 examples are planned to be built, and customers will be able to select custom paint and interior treatments in addition to the existing modifications.

The concept's radically re-penned lines give the Z03 Concept a silhouette that shows some Italian influence while retaining the Corvette's strong heritage, especially at the rear.  According to, the carbon-fiber body reduces weight by about 100 pounds, and the turbocharged LS7 V8 engine can be had with up to 750 horsepower.  The Corvette Z06' already-capable chassis is retained.

Founded in 2007, Ugur Sahin Design is the brainchild of Axel van Mourik and Ugur Sahin. The Corvette Z03 Concept is the first in what the company intends to be a series of high-end, high-performance limited edition vehicles based on existing cars. reports that Ugur Sahin Design teamed up with suppliers such as Flybrid Systems, Modesi Design, Fischer Motorsports and Kirkham Motorsports on the Z03 Concept.  Pricing will be announced some time in March, and sales are expected to begin in late 2008.

2009 Ugur Sahin Design Corvette Z03 Concept