Want to win you local Car club quiz? Or just simply impress your friends down the pub with your car trivia? Read on for some fascinating facts.

We take many things for granted in life and just sub-consciously accept certain things for what they are and never think of asking why? Picture the car you drive and its badge on the nose or the one staring at you in the middle of the steering wheel boss, nice isn’t it? But why is your car called what it is? And why is the logo green with a red stripe? And what does that emblem mean in the top right corner.

Did you know that Alfa Romeo, the pride of Italy can trace its heritage back to France, Stupéfier!!! Who would have thought that the most Germanic of brands, “Audi” was first uttered by its founders son whilst practicing Latin, Nie!! BMW is another iconic German brand and its badge is sometimes referred to as the “Blue and White propeller”, why you may ask? BMW’s past lies firmly in Aircraft engineering and the blue and white segments of the BMW badge are said to represent the propeller of a plane. The blue and white colours of the segments are taken from BMW’s homeland flag or the Bavaria flag which was blue and white. See it all makes sense when you know.

Here’s a few more. Ever wondered why Mitsubishi’s badge is a three pointed diamond star? Simple, Mitsubishi in English is translated into three diamonds. Did you know that American troops in World War II used Renault tanks? I could go on but for a fascinating read, click the link below.

The evolution of car logos