We have the full scoop and pictures of the upcoming EV version of the Abarth 500. The story inside.

French tuners Atomik Cars plan to unveil an electric all-wheel drive version of the Abarth 500 next month.  Running as an EV, the car travels from 0-100 km/h in 5.6 seconds.

That time is nearly 1.5 seconds faster than the stock Abarth 500.  Top speed was not disclosed on the car, but the EV reaches the 400-meter mark in 14 seconds, and the one-kilometer mark in 26 seconds.  This means top speed is probably just over 180 km/h (112 mph).

Powering the vehicle is a lithium ion battery of the lithium iron phosphate variety.  Translation: the battery is safer and lasts longer in many circumstances, but it is heavier and takes more time to break-in.

The tuned car features several styling changes.  Amongst these is a front bumper that gives the car a bit of a VW Beetle appearance, new fog lights, larger wheel arches (especially in back), and new wheels.

The Atomik 500 will be introduced at Top Marques Monaco show on April 15.  It will then go into limited-series production of 50 units.

Just don't ask us why the car was Photoshopped onto the moon.  That is one answer we do not have.

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