Mosler's new MT900 GTR XX street sweeper is said to be capable of a 3-second sprint time. And they are preparing an even faster one!

We all know the heavier kid doesn’t run quite as fast as the other kids of his age group. Florida, US auto-brute maker Mosler understands this all too well, and has gone bananas in curbing the unwarranted scourge of being overweight with its new MT 900 GTR XX. For it’s so brutal that they should have put an extra X in the moniker, such is the vile nature of its performance.

A carbon fiber body is always a good place to start when attempting these feats. By this action, plus using a titanium exhaust system, lighter passenger seats, a lighter diffuser, Mosler made disappear into thin air some 150kg off the unladen normal supercar. Translated, that’s about the same weight as what you and your daddy together ring up on a bathroom scale. The new 6-speed sequential gearbox also contributed a ten kilogram/ 22 lb saving on weight.

Lightweight with no power is like trying to race feathers. You still need thrust. Where better to look than the 7-litre Corvette V8 motor whose donation of 620 horses and 673Nm in torques will not go unnoticed. Fact is, all this madness adds up to a 0 – 100km/h time of just 3 seconds. We all know what the benchmark in these sort of things achieves, so you can just imagine for yourself. A speed of 200km/h shoots past in 8.7 seconds. This whole car costs €187, 500.

Wait. There’s more! In 2009 a lucky few will be able to park a bi-turbo conversion in their garages. Where that will end is unknown at this moment, suffice to say the novice rich guy trying to impress other cigars from his golf club will most certainly meet up with a tree somewhere along the way.

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