A new set of sketches featuring, what appears to be, a Porsche Panamera convertible has been discovered by Autocar.  The patent illustrations were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The images show a four-door convertible with a retractable roof.  It appears that the top withdraws in three hinged sections along a center rail that runs from the windscreeen to the rear glass.  It does not appear that the rail is removable.

Porsche's convertible had been rumored since October, when reports suggested that the model could cost a minimum of €11,000 more than the standard model.  As we reported last week, both five-meter long models would feature roughly the same cabin space.

Despite previous construction limitations, advances in high-strength steel technology now provide adequate rigidity for such a vehicle, according to Autocar.  As a result, Porsche would create a new market segment with a four-door sports coupe/convertible and would reap the benefits as the only player in the space.

The only four door convertibles seen in recent times were the Mercedes Ocean Drive Concept from 2007 and Peugeot 407 Macarena Concept from 2006.

We hope to hear more about this car in the weeks to come, although we're doubtful.


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